Benzema is absent today from his trial in the case of extortion with a “sex tape”


According to media reports, the team striker real Madrid The Spaniard, Karim Benzema, was absent today, Wednesday, from his trial on charges of extortion in France.

accused Karim Benzema By inciting his colleague in the national team, Valbuena, to pay a sum of money to the blackmailers who threatened to reveal an “intimate video” of Valbuena, and the former admitted his interference in the matter at the request of one of the blackmailers.

This led to the exclusion of players from French national team Since late 2015, before Benzema returned after nearly 6 years in European Cup This summer, the world champions were knocked out in the round of 16 against Switzerland, before they achieved 10 days ago the title European Nations League At the expense of Spain in the final led by Benzema, according to Agence France-Presse.

And on the field, yesterday, Tuesday, Benzema did not appear distracted after leading… real Madrid to a landslide victory over its host Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, 5-0 in the group stage from Champions League Champions League, on the eve of the trial.

Benzema, 33, scored a goal and assisted another and was chosen as the man of the match.

The French star faces a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a fine of 75,000 euros, in the case in which 4 other men are being tried for charges extortion attemptOne of them is also being tried for breach of trust.

According to the French agency, the trial file is based in particular on a discussion that took place in October of the year 2015 between the two men at the French national team training center “Clearfontaine”, during which Benzema allegedly made it clear that he could know Valbuena on a “authoritative person,” the latter said at the hearing, to help him “deal” with any possible release of the tape.

and will determine French judiciary Whether this talk was caused by “friendly advice” or “hurtful pressure.”

And when Karim Benzema was referred to criminal court At Versailles last January, his lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, denounced the decision, saying, “Unfortunately, we are not surprised. This is a ridiculous and predictable decision,” according to AFP.

According to the prosecution, Benzema revealed to his teammate, Valbuena, the existence of the tape in October 2015, when the French national team was in a camp in preparation for a friendly match against Armenia in the southern city of Nice.

Benzema claimed, at the time, that he interfered with Valbuena at the request of his childhood friend, who was resorted to by the blackmailers who had the tape.


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