Beirut Clashes: Dead and Wounded in Protests Against an Investigation Judge of the Port Explosion, and the Interior Minister talks about “sniping operations”


Armed men carry a wounded man

picture released, Reuters

At least six people were killed and dozens of others were injured in heavy shooting in Beirut, near a demonstration of supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, in protest against a ruling issued Thursday morning rejecting the complaint calling for a change of the judge assigned to the Beirut port explosion case.

The sound of RPG7 rockets was heard in the capital, Beirut, after the army deployed in the streets to prevent any clashes and chase the shooters.

Local television channels broadcast pictures of terrified people in the streets of the capital, Beirut, fleeing the scene of the shooting, in all directions, fearing for their lives.

picture released, Reuters

comment on the photo,

Army forces deployed in the area

“Sniping and shooting in the head”

In a press statement after a meeting of the so-called Central Internal Security Council, Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said that the clashes “began with snipers and shootings in the heads,” stressing the importance of maintaining civil peace in the country.


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