Behind the scenes of the first movie in space..a new world of cinematography


Russian film director Klim Shipenko said Tuesday he is ready to make a movie on the Moon or even Mars, after returning from 12 days of filming aboard the International Space Station that changed his ideas about the possibilities of cinema.

Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild returned to Earth on Sunday, after amassing more than 30 hours of material for “The Challenge,” billed as the first film shot in space and hailed by Russian media as a world achievement.

In response to a question about the possibility that a second part of the film will be shot on the surface of the moon, Shipenko said at a press conference: “We are ready. We believe that space cinema should be filmed in space. If it is about the moon, let’s go to the moon, if it is Mars, let’s go. To Mars”.

He added, “Why not? Why should filming be restricted to the studio?”

“Every second was a big discovery,” said Peresild, who plays a doctor who is asked to travel to the space station to save an astronaut’s life.

Shipenko said the crew aboard the International Space Station took part in the filming, as well as holding him by his feet to prevent him from colliding with objects.

He added that the experience taught him new methods in the film industry.

And he continued: “Some of the scenes that I imagined somehow on Earth came together completely differently… (in space) two people can meet face to face, but one of them will have his head raised and the other in a horizontal position (while) the camera is on a different level, and this changes You are completely conscious.”

“For me, it was a cinematic discovery,” he added.

Shipenko said that work on the movie “The Challenge” will continue until the end of next year, and it is likely that the space scenes will take between 25 and 35 minutes when they are completed.

He added that no date has been set for the show, but that teaser clips from the part that was filmed in space may be published as publicity for the film.


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