Before announcing the readiness of Al Thumama Stadium… Surprises await the fans


  Al Thumama Stadium in its new form (Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy)</p><div><p dir="RTL" style="text-align:right; margin-bottom:10px">announced <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy</a> About preparing a set of events and recreational activities for fans ahead of the upcoming match in the Prince Cup final between my two clubs <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">Ryan</a> And Al Sadd, next Friday, which will witness the announcement of the readiness of Al Thumama Stadium, the sixth stadium for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

In the vicinity of the stadium, the audience awaits a number of cultural performances by the communities residing in Qatar, and many activities on the match day celebrate the unique design of the stadium, which is inspired by the gahfiya, a traditional head hat worn by boys and men across the Arab world.

Among the upcoming events in the area surrounding the stadium, an exhibition that sheds light on the history of head coverings in different cultures from around the world, and another event that provides the opportunity for fans to write their words on a gahfia and then install them on a mural outside the stadium, celebrating the unique design of the World Cup edifice that embodies authentic Qatari and Arab culture. .

The entertainment activities for fans in the vicinity of the stadium come after a series of community activities organized by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy on the way to preparing for the Amir Cup final, and announcing the readiness of Al Thumama Stadium, including visits by the Supreme Committee team to a number of Qatari family councils in the Al Thumama area, to inform the residents of the area about the plans. Scheduled for the upcoming event, in addition to organizing events in cooperation with the National Museum of Qatar and the Friends of the Environment Center.

Khalid Mohammed Al-Suwaidi, Senior Director of Partner Relations at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, expressed his pride in the community participation during the period leading up to the announcement of the readiness of the World Cup stadium, which is witnessing a great interaction from community members in the Al Thumama region and all over Qatar.

He added: “The SC’s community outreach efforts have succeeded in providing individuals across Qatar with a cultural experience rich with knowledge and useful information, thanks to the close cooperation with our partners who continue to provide all support in our journey to host the highly anticipated global event next year.”

Al-Suwaidi stressed that community participation is a major pillar in the ongoing preparations to organize the World Cup since Qatar won the right to host the World Cup more than ten years ago. I am confident that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will leave indelible imprints on everyone’s memory on the land of Qatar.”

A number of individuals participated in a series of artistic workshops dealing with the field of printing and knitting, in partnership with the National Museum of Qatar, where the participants received basic skills in designing and creating many forms of cranium, in addition to an activity for families that included printing symbols inspired by the design of Al Thumama Stadium on shirts and bags.

The Qatar National Museum, which displayed the Emir’s Cup logo on its external facade in celebration of the prestigious sporting event, hosted a seminar by the Qatari architect Ibrahim Al Jaidah, who was creative in designing the stadium, where he detailed all the stages of designing the World Cup stadium.

The Supreme Committee, in cooperation with the Friends of the Environment Center, hosted another awareness-raising event about the Al Thumam plant, which the new stadium bears its name, and it is one of the most important local plants in Qatar, in the presence of many participants, including school children and a number of residents of Al Thumama area.

It is noteworthy that Al Thumama Stadium, which can accommodate 40,000 fans, will host matches during the Qatar 2022 World Cup from the group stage to the quarter-finals, and the stadium will also witness matches during the Arab Cup Qatar 2021, which will be held from November 30 to December 18 the first.


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