Basil Khayat’s daughter puts make-up for him in a spontaneous video, and her beauty is the talk of the audience


Basil Khayat’s daughter puts make-up for him in a spontaneous video that has topped the public discourse in the past hours, after Nahed Zeidan, the wife of the Syrian star Basil Khayat, published a video clip on her account via Instagram, in which their daughter, “Isabelle”, appeared while she was wearing make-up for her artist father, and the little girl also stole the spotlight with her beauty and laughter. .

Basil Khayat’s daughter puts makeup on in a spontaneous video

Nahed Zeidan, the wife of the Syrian star Basil Khayat, shared her followers in the past hours through her account on Instagram, with a video clip in which her daughter “Isabelle” appeared wearing makeup for her father, Basil Khayat, in a very funny way, while signs of surprise and shock appeared on Basil from the final result of the makeup.

Basil Khayyat asked his little girl: “Who is my job, my father’s makeup, to answer him “I”, confirming spontaneously that she used several colors on her father’s face, especially pink and violet, and then completed her touches on her father’s face to unintentionally enter the pen in her father’s eye, who was hurt by He did, and her reaction was spontaneous, as she collapsed with laughter in a playful manner.

In turn, Nahid explained that her daughter was wearing winter clothes despite the heat and that she was putting makeup on Basil’s face in order to go with him.She commented: Our makeup artist He was wearing winter clothes, the temperature was 40, and Basil began to take a walk“.

The video received a great interaction from the followers and pioneers of the social media, who transmitted the clip and expressed their admiration for the little girl’s wit and the way her father dealt with her and left her to be free to act in their face. The followers also stopped at the beauty of the girl and her innocent features, and were confused who resembled her features more than her father or her mother.

It is noteworthy that Basil Khayat and his wife, Nahid Zeidan, had a boy named “Shams”, about 11 years old, and they gave birth to their daughter, “Isabel” in October 2018.

Basil Khayat’s latest activity

Basil Khayat had attended the El Gouna Film Festival 2021 with his wife, Nahid Zeidan, along with a large number of stars and artists. The duo starred on the red carpet with spontaneous and romantic looks and published their photos on Instagram.

On the technical level, Basil Khayat has not announced his participation to date in any of the upcoming dramas or in the Ramadan season, while his last series was in the last Ramadan drama season through the series “Civil War”, which brought him together with the Egyptian star Yousra and a group of stars, including: Arwa Gouda, Jamila Awad, Mayan El-Sayed, Mahmoud Hegazy and others.


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