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A report published by WaBetaInfo stated that Google may stop offering unlimited storage space for WhatsApp backups, and the company’s new decision to limit the free cloud storage service is bad news for most users of the chat application around the world.

And according to what was mentioned by the “” website, Google currently offers unlimited storage space for WhatsApp backup chats, to save backup copies of the chats that the user makes through the service, on the storage space of Android devices Google Drive.

Bad news from Google for WhatsApp users

The backup feature is one of the easiest and most effective ways for WhatsApp users to switch from one phone to another without losing important messages, photos and videos, and keep their old messages and conversations.

Thanks to a new option, the developers of the Facebook-owned messaging app, to manage the size of the backup, the user will be able to exclude certain media to be included in the next backup.

According to the independent website WaBetaInfo, which specializes in monitoring new WhatsApp updates, the feature is under development and will be available in a future update, as Google stops offering unlimited storage for chat backups, and instead, each user can get another limited plan (with a capacity of 2000 MB).

WhatsApp Backup Feature

It is worth noting that Google ended the free, unlimited Google Photos cloud storage service a few months ago, starting from the first of June 2021, calculating any image that it uploads within the storage limit of Google Drive, as the American company gives its users 15 GB. Only free storage to use.

If the user needs more storage space, he will have to subscribe to one of the Google One plans that start at $ 2 per month, and give him 100 GB of storage space from Google Drive, and the American technology giant also gives him an additional plan to expand the cloud storage space to 2 TB For $10 a month.

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