Away from the iPhone .. Apple ignites the atmosphere with news of new devices



The American company Apple sent invitations to the media to attend a conference of its own, in which it is expected to unveil new devices, but including smart phones.

According to media reports, the talk is about new versions of the personal computer (laptop) of the “MacBook” model, in addition to new devices from the “AirPod” headphones.

Apple’s concert will be held on October 18, and the ceremony will be broadcast online.

Adding to the suspense, Apple’s vice president of marketing, Greg Joswick, posted a tweet on “Twitter”, in which he said that the next six days of October will be characterized by more speed, in a clear indication of the upcoming reveal.

It is expected that Apple’s new “laptops” will witness new upgrades, such as the “M1” chip system, which is an alternative processor to traditional Intel processors, as it can perform more than one task at the same time and more quickly.

The “MacRoomers” website, which regularly publishes leaks about Apple devices before they are revealed, said the new computers will have a higher resolution, some up to 3456 x 2234, and 3,024 x 1964 for the 14-inch and 16-inch models.

This update will give the two devices approximately 226 to 227 pixels per inch, which means a wide range of clarity in the screen.

Last September, Apple unveiled its latest “iPhone 13” phones in several versions, and it features faster performance than previous versions with greater savings in power consumption.


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