Austria Pavilion Manager: I congratulate the UAE on the successful organization


Philippe Charmel, Director of the Austrian Pavilion at the “Expo”, stressed the importance of his country’s participation in this global event, to highlight its achievements in various sectors, especially sustainability, and to introduce its rich culture and heritage.
In a statement to the Emirates News Agency, Sharmel said: We are pleased with our participation in the “Expo”, in this exceptional session, and I congratulate the UAE for this successful organization. It is great that we are all on this international platform after a year and a half of separation, due to Covid 19, where we can talk together, face to face and share ideas and visions, and we can learn about the most prominent innovations that have been achieved in various countries of the world.
He added that the Austria Pavilion building is distinguished by its unique design, which consists of 38 conical towers, a mixture between Austrian climate technology and traditional building that enjoys high energy efficiency, using the methods used for thousands of years in wind towers, which cool the building without the need for air conditioning. , it saves 70% of energy; Renewable energy is a very important goal for us to achieve.
He said: We are here in the Opportunity Zone at the Expo, and we believe that there is no opportunity without sustainability, so what you see here in the Austria Pavilion is based on providing energy for a better and more sustainable future.
We want all our visitors to experience Austria with all their senses here at the pavilion, Sharmell concluded. You can hear, feel, taste, smell Austria.. We have different stations developed to encourage our visitors to relax a bit, enjoy their surroundings, and go back one step back without technology, you don’t even see screens in the booth and in our gallery we have different stations, where you can Make the music yourself, and you can see your heart rate by touch, and you can feel the flow of air around you, and how it affects your surroundings in the suite. (wam)


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