At the “Earthshot” party, the winner surprises Mohamed Salah


Invitation came Salah To co-present the Earthshot Award, a prestigious global environmental award launched last year by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough.

The ceremony presents 5 prizes, worth one million pounds sterling, for five independent projects that are pioneering in protecting the environment and contributing to making change at the level of climate and environmental pollution.

What did Salah say?

Salah stood up to present the environmental award, and said in English in his speech: “I am excited to give this award because I grew up near water and the Mediterranean Sea (in Egypt), which is vital to life in the region, just like all the seas and oceans of our planet.”

“By the end of the century, there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean unless we do something now… It’s scary. But the finalists [لهذه الجائزة] They found ingenious solutions to revitalize our oceans.”

Surprise from the winner

Then the surprise came from the winner of the award, who sent a message to Mohamed Salah, which received a great greeting and warm applause from the large audience.

After Salah announced that Coral Vita had won the environmental award in the ocean category, host Dermot O’Leary said: “Congratulations to you both Sam and Gator. You, Gator, know that you are a big fan of Liverpool, so the award presented by Mohamed Salah means a lot to you.”

Gator Halpern, one of the founders of the winning organization, responded using the phrase “You’ll Never Walk Alone” used among Liverpool fans: “You’ll never walk alone, Mo (Salah) I love you”, to applause from the crowd and a wide smile for Salah.


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