Arwa Omar in her first response to the bullies of her husband Abdullah Al-Mawlid.. Video


Yemeni activist Arwa Omar sent a strongly-worded message to the bullies of her husband, Abdullah Al-Mawlid, because of the color of his skin, in a new video, which she showed to the public, which is her first appearance after being officially linked to a marriage contract.

Arwa Omar

The famous blogger expressed her astonishment at some of the questions and messages she received through the chat feature attached to her official account on Snapchat, indicating that she was shocked by some describing her husband as a “service lion”, and asking them how she was related to him.

She confirmed that she did not see any harm in his skin color or appearance, and that all that concerned her was his good treatment of her and his magnanimity that had not changed for four years, explaining that they had been tired during the past years until they were able to link and celebrate their marriage.

She asked what some of the followers wanted, saying: “You want him to be blond, his eyes are blue and problematic.. What did I benefit from beauty? I am.. Celebrities and I don’t remember the name of me.. They went to social media and what ended?.. Divorce.. What did they benefit from beauty? .. No, I want him like that. The important thing is that he loves me and waits for me and kisses his feet after… Here, what do you have.. As for you and the one you are talking about, you are upset because what you want is cut off from you.. ”

And Arwa Omar continued, saying: “No, after some girls, they went to Abboud’s account and asked him, what did you like about it, because I took it… You see four years of our fatigue with each other… and you don’t want him to take you or your sister… The shape you want is cut to you after…”.

Various reactions were given to him by the activists, divided between a supporter of the Yemeni activist in her response to the bullies, and a cynic and a critic, and stated:

“I like it when you get upset”, “She made me laugh in general, may God bless Happy with Happy”, “It was as if she was sweet after marriage”, “One says something but it is afflicted” and “If I entered her wedding videos, I would have been overwhelmed by bullying. The color of his skin, and even they said about him, that he is natural, as if he has a psychological state that is rightfully rejected, and they are worthy.”

Marriage of Arwa Omar and Abdullah Al-Mawlid

Al-Yamaneh blogger Arwa Omar celebrated her wedding to her fiancé Abdullah Al-Mawlid a few days ago in an intimate, romantic atmosphere and in the presence of their family members and close friends who were keen to share with the audience some excerpts from Arwa Omar’s wedding, including the blogger Malak Ahmed, who documented. The bride entered the wedding hall and her looks To the groom while cutting the cake.

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