Artist Miko Saad: I have been participating in Hollywood films for 3 years, and I am currently filming a “horror movie”


The artist Miko Saad, the first Egyptian actor and broadcaster to be selected by the “Golden Globes” jury, said that he participated in many American films, and is currently filming a “horror movie”, adding: “I have participated in Hollywood films for 3 years and worked with the artist Sayed Badria.” .

Miko Saad added, in a telephone interview to the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program, presented by the journalist Mohamed Mustafa Sherdy, via Al-Hayat channel, that the “Golden Globes” jury is responsible for selecting the best film and best actor, and he watches 10 films a day in order to evaluate them.

He continued, “When I was young, I used to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance, and I participated in short American films and feature films in the previous period.”


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