Are you a fan of action.. Here are the best films of 2021


Asma Lamnawar wrote on Sunday, October 17, 2021 07:23 PM – We often look for great and worth watching movies, as “action” films give us, as viewers in particular, a great opportunity to imagine what life would be like with more excitement, adventure and amazing explosions.

Action films are also an essential element in the continuation of the American cinema capital, Hollywood, especially during the summer and spring (the season of popular films), because these works enjoy huge production budgets, and collect hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office worldwide.

The current year 2021 witnessed an accumulation in the list of action films, which is replete with many attractive commercial titles that have been postponed since last year, due to the conditions of the Corona virus pandemic, and caused months of closure and depression that affected the film industry significantly, which prompted film makers to Putting their productions on digital platforms in an effort to reduce their financial losses and save what can be saved.

The result of that congestion is a list that certainly favors the viewer, characterized by diversity and satisfies all tastes, and combines with its folds superheroes, giant monsters, spies, and car chases, as well as the return of old and beloved faces after an absence of years, which we review the best according to the magazine’s assessment.” Marie Claire”.

Mortal Kombat movie

Release date: April 23, 2021

Cast: Louis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson, Tadanobu Asano, Muhcad Brooks

Why it’s worth watching: The new film plays on “nostalgia” and nostalgia, one of the most famous and bloody video games of the nineties of the last century, and its events are summarized in the struggle between good and evil teams of martial arts players, who have supernatural abilities.

It is noteworthy that two parts of the game “Cortal Kombat” were shown in the mid-nineties, but the second part did not achieve success comparable to the success of the first, which was shown in 1995.

“F9” movie

Release date: June 25, 2021

Cast: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Therese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, John Cena, Jordana Brewster, Charlize Theron

Why it’s worth watching: For being the latest installment in the famous “Fast & Furious” movie series, but without the participation of one of the main protagonists, Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013.

The series’ latest installment also features veteran stars, such as Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren.

The events of the ninth and new part of “Fast & Furious” revolve around the confrontation of the hero of the events, the repentant criminal “Dom” and his friends, an international terrorist who turns out to be his estranged brother.

The movie “Black Widow”

Release date: July 9, 2021

Casting: Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Weisz, Ray Winston

Why it’s worth watching: Just as Marvel has made independent films about its superheroes over the past years, the choice has been made on “Black Widow”, a member of the “Avengers” team, who is very mysterious about her past.

But in the new film, we learn about the roots of the character of the agent “Natasha Romanov”, and how she turned into a fierce fighter that is difficult to defeat.

And the movie “Black Widow” faced a famous crisis, which is that its heroine, Scarlett Johansson, sued “Disney” for putting the film on its digital platform “Disney Plus” in conjunction with its presentation in cinemas, which made Johansson claim that this step reduced her financial profits, but reached The two parties finally reached a satisfactory agreement, and pledged to continue their technical cooperation in the future.

فيلم “Those Who Wish Me Dead”

Release date: May 14, 2021

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult, Tyler Perry

Why it’s worth watching: Oscar-winning American star Angelina Jolie is back in action with this movie, since she dazzled audiences in that genre with “Wanted” and “Tomb Raider.”

Angelina Jolie plays a woman who vows to rescue a witness who is being stalked by twins in the woods after he witnesses the murder of a teen.

فيلم “The Suicide Squad”

Release date: August 6, 2021

Cast: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Viola Davis, Sylvester Stallone

Why it’s worth watching: The hugely popular DC comic-squad of outlaws are back on the silver screen once again, since their first movie, Suicide Squad, premiered in 2016, but with the difference that this movie is… For adults only” because of its content for adults.

In the new film, actress Margot Robbie continues to embody the role of outlaw “Harley Quinn”, the lover of “Joker”, while it includes new names, such as wrestling star John Cena, and action movie hero, Sylvester Stallone, but only with his voice.

The movie “Free Guy”

Release date: August 13, 2021

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jodi Comer, Joe Kerry, Lil’ Realty

Why it’s worth watching: First, because it stars Ryan Reynolds, the hero of the slick superhero films, “Deadpool”, and secondly, because of his crazy idea, as Reynolds embodies the role of a bank teller who discovers that he is just a character in a violent video game, which will result in a mixture of Action and comedy of the situation, and the film received a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on the famous “IMDB” film site.

Godzilla Vs. Kong”

Release date: March 31, 2021

Cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall

Why is it worth watching: Because it bears witness to an exciting and breathtaking struggle between two of the most famous monsters in world cinema at all, the giant gorilla “King Kong” and the legendary monster “Godzilla”, which will give an amazing atmosphere inside cinemas, especially in “IMAX” halls.

The movie “No Time to Die”

Release date: September 30, 2021

Cast: Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Ben Wishaw, Naomi Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes

Why it’s worth watching: It is enough that it is the latest adventures of the British secret agent “James Bond”, as it is the fifth and final appearance of the actor Daniel Craig in the character that he starred in and starred in since 2006, and the film also witnesses the participation of the American actor of Egyptian origin, Rami Malek, who In the events of the film, he embodies the role of the enemy of “Bond”, and we do not forget many of the action scenes, chases and strange weapons of “Bond”.

فيلم “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”

Release date: October 1, 2021

Cast: Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Red Scott, Naomi Harris

Why it’s worth watching: A new and exciting adventure for TV detective Eddie Brock and the human head-eating monster that engulfs him, Venom, one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, and this time he is facing a fierce confrontation against another monster like him. Who will be the victor?

The movie “chaos walking”

Release date: March 5, 2021

Cast: Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen

Why it’s worth watching: Because of its fictional events, around a planet where all women seem to have died on its surface, while the thoughts of men are broadcast in the form of a radio program for all to hear, the film also brings together Tom Holland, the hero of the “Spider-Man” films, and Daisy Ridley, the heroine of the last 3 films of the series “star Wars”.

“Boss Level” movie

Release date: March 5, 2021

Cast: Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh

Why it’s worth watching: If you are a fan of time travel movies, this is definitely a perfect choice for you, as it revolves around a former Special Forces agent who is trapped in a time loop.

The film also stars “heavy caliber” stars, such as Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts.

فيلم “Gunpowder Milkshake”

Release date: July 14, 2021

Cast: Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett

Why it’s worth watching: A first-class feminist film, about 3 generations of women resisting those who could take everything away from them.

“Sweet Girl” movie

Release date: August 20, 2021

Starring: Jason Momoa, Isabella Merced, Marisa Tomei

Why it’s worth watching: Featuring talents like Aquaman superhero Jason Momoa and Marisa Tomei, the film tells the story of a man who avenges the death of his wife while protecting his surviving daughter.

The movie “Eternals”

Scheduled release date: November 5, 2021

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harington

Why it’s worth watching: It is considered the successor to the “Avengers” films, as the company “Marvel” wants to continue presenting their same adventures, but with new faces and characters, and the film testifies to Angelina Jolie’s joining the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

In the events of the movie “Eternals”, Jolie plays the role of “Thena”, a fierce warrior who feels comfortable in any battle, and has the ability to use the cosmic energy to form any portable weapon you can think of.

“The King’s Man” movie

Scheduled release date: December 22, 2021

Starring: Ralph Fiance, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Evans

Why is it worth watching: Because it is in the “King’s Man” spy movies series, but its events review the beginnings of the intelligence organization in Britain “King’s Man”, several years before the appearance of “Eggy”, the hero of the parts we watched.

فيلم “The Matrix Resurrections”

Scheduled release date: December 22, 2021

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith

Why it’s worth watching: The film may be the final touch for 2021, with the return of the latest films in the science fiction and action series “The Matrix” with the same heroine Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss, which gained fame due to its visual effects, let alone watching how it has evolved after 22 years since the show part One?

“Dune” movie

Scheduled release date: October 22, 2021

Casting: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgård, Rebecca Ferguson

Why it’s worth watching: is an epic fantasy film based on the science fiction novel by author Frank Herbert, about the son of a noble family tasked with protecting the galaxy’s most valuable and vital element.


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