Apple releases iOS 15.1 update for iPhone 13 Learn about the features of the iOS update


The American company, “Apple” launched several updates for all operating systems of its phones, and released the iOS 15.1 update in addition to some other updates such as the iPad 15.1 update, the Mac systems update, and others. The update came with a lot of new features for the iPhone phone systems, but apple did not release all the features at once And she postponed some of them to update and add them at a later time.

Information about iOS 15.1 update for iPhone

Apple has updated iOS 15.1 to solve the problems users are facing Update 15.1 It is the first major update for iOS 15.1 systems, as it came to solve the problem of share, camera quality, and others. It is worth noting that all the past updates are just small updates to solve problems facing users only, and the following is an explanation of the features of the update.

Apple releases iOS 15.1 update for iPhone 13 Learn about the features of the iOS update
Apple releases iOS 15.1 update for iPhone 13 Learn about the features of the iOS update

Some features of the new update iOS 15.1

  • One of the new features, which was a little delayed by Apple, is the Share Play feature, which enables users to share their content on FaceTime.
  • The new iOS 15.1 update provides users of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max (ProRes) formats to capture videos in a professional manner.
  • With the new update, you can also add the vaccination card to the wallet to be used as an official document.
  • The new update helped extend the phone’s battery life and performance.
  • With the new update also, you can not only share your content on Facetime, but you can then share it on popular platforms like Netflix and others.
  • The new update directed iPhone 13 Pro Pro Max users towards shooting videos in a professional manner, and this is a big and useful step for users.
  • Users can control the quality of the video they record, and fully edit it.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max camera phones Some people sometimes think that it is not an ordinary camera just for a mobile phone, but rather they consider it a professional camera, and this is the biggest feature in the new phones of Apple.
  • In its latest 15.1 update, Apple has taken care of the feature to automatically turn off the camera when the camera is captured.
  • The company has also synced the (share Play) program with (Apple Tv) and (Fitness+) programs.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Pro Max users are waiting for the new update to achieve a great development in their lives, and not just a traditional use of the phone, but they can earn money in several ways by using iPhone phones after the new update.


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