Apple is preparing to enter the field of electric cars


Apple plans to coordinate with its supplier and the world’s largest electronics company (Foxconn, unveils its first electric car (FOXTRON), in the next few days.

It is noteworthy that the front view of the new car bears the name (FOXTRON), which indicates that it will be the brand name of the car, and the car is a sedan that integrates the elements of the sports car in the body shape in the style of a four-door coupe, according to (the seventh day).Note that the company plans to unveil not just one electric car, but three electric cars, and the car will also support remote updates and different levels of automatic driving assistance functions.

(FOXTRON) is expected to come with batteries with a capacity of (93Wh), (100Wh) and (116kWh), and the output power of the front motor of the built model will be (95) kW, (150) kW and (200) kW, and the power may be Output for the rear motor (150) kW, (200) kW, (240) kW, (340) kW.

Foxconn recently said it will build electric vehicle manufacturing facilities in the US and Thailand next year, and according to Nikkei Asia, the Thailand plant will be part of Foxconn’s joint venture with Thai Oil and Gas Group (PTT) to develop a platform for electric vehicles and produce components.

Meanwhile, the US plant will serve customers such as the US startup Fisker, which the Taiwanese company will start building EVs by the end of 2023.


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