Apple appeals decision in dispute with Fortnite developer


resumed Apple company”Friday, the decision issued in the context of the trial in which she is facing a production company Video games Epic Games, requesting a suspension of a court ruling that allows app developers to offer users another payment system instead of yours.

The tech giant has requested that this decision be suspended pending a final ruling in the case, which could take years. A judge is expected to hear the matter in November.

On the tenth of last September, an American judge imposed on Apple to leave a wider margin of freedom for developers, especially with regard to ways to avoid the commission it deducts from them.

Apple can no longer impose its own payment system on developers in the context of their applications and force them to pay fees, according to the decision of Judge Yvonne Rodgers of the Oakland (California) District Court, charged with settling this dispute with Epic Games.

Rodgers considered that Apple is “violating the rules of competition”, when it prevents developers from redirecting consumers to their own sites and payment methods approved by them, but it does not exercise an illegal monopoly, as Alleges “Epic Games” developer of the game “Fortnite”.


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Epic Games, and other large and small mobile app developers, accuse Apple of exploiting its market dominance by charging very high fees and forcing users to go to its App Store to download their apps and pay for digital goods and services on these apps.

The two companies have clashed for a year, after Epic Games terminated its contract with Apple. It allowed players in the updated version of “Fortnite” to circumvent the “App Store” payment system, and avoided having a 30% commission from their payments automatically.

Tim Sweeney, director of Epic Games, which appealed the court decision, vowed to “continue the struggle… for a fair competition between payment methods for applications and…App Stores“.

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