Aoun vows to hold those responsible and instigators of the killing accountable.. Mikati: I apologize to the Lebanese


Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Najib Mikati comment on the Tayouneh events in Beirut, following the ambush that targeted peaceful demonstrators in front of the Palace of Justice.

  • Aoun: We will not give in to anything that aims at sedition.. Mikati: I apologize to the Lebanese
    Aoun: We will not give in to anything that aims at sedition.. Mikati: I apologize to the Lebanese

In a speech, Lebanese President Michel Aoun denounced the “language of arms”, stressing the “guarantee of freedom of expression” on the part of the Lebanese state.

President Aoun’s speech came after the events in the Tayouneh area in Beirut today, Thursday, saying that “it is unacceptable to return to the language of arms, and the state guarantees freedom of expression.” He stressed that “the country cannot tolerate problems in the street, and the treatment takes place in the institutions, especially the Council of Ministers, which must convene.”

He stressed that “we will not allow what happened to be repeated, and we will not allow anyone to take the country hostage to its interests.” Aoun said, “The scene of Al-Tayouneh today is painful and unacceptable, and I offer my condolences to the families of the victims who were shot by criminals,” noting that “what happened brought us back to the days we folded and said: You are remembered and not returned.”

President Aoun considered that “it is not acceptable for weapons to return as a language of communication between the parties after we all agreed to turn this dark page. What happened today is not acceptable, especially at a time when everyone has agreed to resort to the rule of law and institutions,” stressing that “the state should be alone.” Through its institutions, it is the only valid reference for dealing with any problem, dispute or objection.

He believed that “the street is not the place of objection, and the erecting of barricades or escalating positions also do not carry the solution, but the solution is only within the institutions, and through the constitution, which is not a matter above which neither threat nor threat is superior,” stressing that the country does not tolerate disputes. On the street, it needs calm treatments, whose natural place is the institutions, foremost of which is the Council of Ministers, which must convene quickly.”

The Lebanese president stated that he had made contacts with the concerned parties today in order to address what happened and prevent it from happening again, stressing, “We will not allow what happened to be repeated under any circumstances, and for anyone to take the country hostage to his own interests or accounts.” He stressed that “what happened today will be the subject of security and judicial follow-up, and I will ensure that the investigation reaches the truth of what happened.”

He said, “He is keen that the investigation leads to accountability for those responsible and instigators of it, like any other judicial investigation. The Beirut port crime was and will remain a priority of my work and commitment towards the Lebanese and the international community, on the basis of the independence of the judiciary, the separation of powers and respect for justice.”

President Aoun concluded by saying, “I assure the Lebanese that the clock will not turn back, and we are going in the direction of a solution, not in the direction of a crisis. And through cooperation with the prime ministers and Parliament, we will not give in to any fait accompli, whose goal could be sedition.”

President Aoun’s speech was preceded by a statement by Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper “An-Nahar”, today, Thursday, that the contacts he made with the army indicated an improvement in the security situation on the street, after At least six deaths In an attack on peaceful demonstrators who were heading to participate in a sit-down, to demand the dismissal of the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion, Tariq Bitar.

Mikati said, “The government cannot interfere in the work of the judiciary,” calling on “the judicial body, in case of any blemishes, to purify itself.” He pledged to hold the parliamentary elections on time despite Thursday’s events, which he described as “not encouraging”, offering his apologies to the Lebanese people.

Mikati declared a general mourning tomorrow, Friday, for the souls of the martyrs.

In turn, the Lebanese army said that it would continue to deploy in the area of ​​the violence in order to ensure that no clashes broke out.

AndThe Lebanese Minister of Interior, Bassam MawlawiAfter the extraordinary meeting of the Central Security Council, he declared that “civil peace is not for manipulation,” stressing the “necessity of taking all measures.” He asked the media to “help us broadcast the right news.”

He pointed out that there was information about 6 martyrs and 16 wounded, distributed among hospitals. He said, “The problem started with shooting, through sniping, and the first person was hit in the head, and this matter is unacceptable. Shooting in the heads is a very dangerous matter,” considering that the fall of 6 martyrs from one side portends serious matters.

The leaders of the “Amal” movement and Hezbollah were Today, Thursday, they issued a statement regarding the armed attack on the peaceful protest that took place today in front of the Palace of Justice, saying that this attack was carried out by groups from the Lebanese Forces Party.


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