Ankara: Washington and Moscow are behind the Kurdish attacks on our forces in Syria


“The United States and Russia bear responsibility for cross-border attacks by the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units,” Davutoglu said at a press conference in Ankara on Wednesday, adding that Washington condemned the attacks, but these statements were “not sincere.”

He stressed that his country will do what must be done to “clean the region from terrorists,” and said: “Since Washington and Moscow did not abide by their commitments, we must rely on ourselves and do what is necessary.”

On Saturday, Davutoglu called on the United States to “abandon its wrong policies”, commenting on US President Joe Biden’s decision to extend the “state of emergency over Syria” and his criticism of Turkey. Davutoglu said that Washington provides great support to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, noting that this “constitutes a crime under US law,” adding that the purpose of the Americans’ presence in Syria “is not to fight ISIS.”

Davutoglu’s comments came after Washington condemned the cross-border attacks from Syria on Turkish forces. “We condemn the cross-border attacks against our NATO ally Turkey,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a press conference on Wednesday. “We have common interests with Turkey in many areas, from fighting terrorism to ending the conflict in Syria.” “We will continue to consult closely with Ankara on the Syrian policy,” he added.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that two members of the Turkish special mission police were killed in the city of Marea, in the region of the “Euphrates Shield” operation, as a result of Sunday’s attack, with a guided missile from the city of Tel Rifaat. Turkey accused the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, of carrying out the attack.

On Ihsanoglu accusing Russia of being responsible for the attacks on Turkish forces in Syria, the former Palestinian-Syrian diplomat, who is close to decision-making circles in Moscow, Rami Al-Shaer, said that the escalation in northern Syria is “very limited,” denying any presence of Russian forces in the “Jib Tal” area. Lifted”.

Al-Shaer added in an interview with the American “Al-Hurra” website, that “the Russian planes do not bomb any targets randomly, and any operations using aviation are informed to the Turkish, American and Syrian sides,” noting that “these operations are conducted based on accurate reconnaissance information, and after making sure that the target is terrorist”.

Al-Shaer denied the validity of the Russian bombing of the city of Marea on Monday-Tuesday night, saying: “Everything rumored or reported otherwise is never true,” adding that “many of the attacks against the Turks are launched from the areas where the American forces are present.”

On Russian-Turkish relations, he stressed that “a rupture can never be made in them, even with different views on how to solve some issues, including the Kurdish issue.”


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