An Egyptian ovation for the heroine of the movie “feathers”: Demiana exposed the positions of the withdrawn


two days after The uproar in social networking sites in Egypt, which was caused by Egyptian artists after Withdrawing from the special screening of “Feathers”The winner of the “Critics Week” and “Fabarisi” awards at the Cannes International Film Festival, the film’s heroine, Demiana Nassar, fell under the attention of the tweeters.

The “Studio Misr” artistic page on Facebook quoted a statement in which it responded to those who withdrew from showing the film, claiming that it “insulted Egypt’s reputation” after addressing poverty issues, in which it said: “It is forbidden for us to rejoice, I mean? What people in the community? Oh, we must document and record the shape of our world before the project of a decent life that works for the president, so that they know before the initiative of a decent life how we lived.”

The statement quoted from her caused a state of controversy, between a critic of her, who considered the statement a “drumpet” of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and an admirer of her response to Sherif Mounir and others, who saw him as a mockery of their words and their bidding. Writer Ammar Ali Hassan commented: “At a time when Egyptian film and drama stars were competing more for the boldest or most beautiful dress in El Gouna, an underwhelmed actress from the village of Barsha in Minya named Demiana won a new award after she had previously reached the world with the movie (feathers). ) for the Critics’ Grand Prix at Cannes. It’s the real art.”

Mustafa Abdel Latif thanked Demiana: “Congratulations, Demiana.. Congratulations to the whole village of Al-Barsha and Minya, and there is no consolation for Professor Sharif and his companions who met Khairoush about the martyr Ahmed Flux, frankly.” Samar Al-Husseini described the statement: “Demiana Alat Ali Sharif Mounir Jamid.”

Tweeters also circulated a video clip of the interview of the announcer, Bossi Shalaby, with Demiana and her family, in which she presented them that “without a director of feathers, they would not have dreamed of entering a place like El Gouna,” which they considered bullying and classism from Shalaby, especially with a film festival organized by two businessmen close to the regime in their tourist resort. Private, ie Samih and Naguib Sawiris.

And the blogger, owner of the “Zenobia” account, tweeted: “In another country, an interview like what Bossi Shalaby did with Mrs. Demiana could cost her her job.”

Muhammad Al-Sayed called: “Some of those who see Najib Latif and the son of a country send him this video and tell us his reaction, because this video really burns blood, and I wish Demiana would not be so good, and if you understand and let her walk the least because she does not deserve to respond.”


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