An American child finds a fossil of an extinct animal that is more than 12,000 years old in Michigan

50 A child in Michigan, USA, recently found an age of more than 12,000 years, belonging to the extinct animal “mastodon”.

According to Sky News, while 6-year-old Julian was wandering in the “Dinosaur Hill” reserve in Rochester Hills, Michigan, he found the fossilized tooth.

After Julian showed his parents his strange-looking find, he was sent for evaluation by paleontologists at the University of Michigan Museum.

According to director of research at the museum, Adam Rowntree, the discovery of Julian is very important because it helps scientists understand the nature of the life that this animal lived.

“Examining some of the finds sent to the museum is the fun part of the job,” Rowntree said. “The museum receives about one find a day, many of which are common invertebrate fossils. From time to time, museum officials have the opportunity to examine rare fossils.”

He added, “The tooth that was found is in good condition, and it may not have been exposed to much moisture. We will make sure to dry the tooth slowly to avoid any fractures.”

And the “mastodon” is a huge extinct mammal that used to live on eating plants and leaves, and its teeth are smaller than those of elephants, as well as its length.

Scientists attribute the extinction of the “mastodon” to rapid climatic changes and the growing large number of hunting by humans at the time of the spread of this animal.

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