Al-Najjar is a Champion for the Senior Category, Nashkho for the Junior and Habash for the Master in the Final Rounds of the Jordan Karting Championship


The driver Amir Al-Najjar won the Senior-Max category title in the fifth karting race – the last round of the Jordan Karting Championship, which was held at Jordan Speed ​​Center on Friday. From Jordan Motorsport, and sponsored by Zain Jordan, according to the health protocol followed.

The race competitions were very strong for the categories (Senior and Junior-Max), and competition intensified between the drivers, especially in the penultimate and last rounds of the Senior category, and strong competitions took place between Amir Al-Najjar, Muhannad Abu Dabra, Aoun Al-Nasser, Muhammad Massad, Ahmed Khader, Faisal Al-Manny and Alaa Habash. In the race for this category, Al-Najjar managed to tighten his control over it, followed by Muhannad Abu Dabra in second place, and Muhammad Massad in third place.

The Junior category witnessed strong performance among the drivers in the penultimate and last rounds between Faisal Nashkho, Hamza Al-Fayez, Sanad Al-Hamwi and Arkan Makleda, and the Junior category title was won by Faisal Nashkho, Sanad Al-Hamwi came in second place, and Arkan Makledeh came in third place.

Technical results of a race for the last round of the Jordan Karting Championship:

* Senior Class – Max

First place: Amir Al-Najjar.

Second place: Muhannad Abu Dabra.

Third place: Muhammad Massad.

Fourth place: Aoun Nasser.

Fifth place: Alaa Habash.

Sixth place: Faisal German.

* Junior Class – Max

First place: Faisal Nashkho.

Second place: Sanad Al-Hamawi.

Third place: Pillars of Maqala.

Fourth place: Hamza Al-Fayez.

*Champions Cups

Participation Cup: Moataz Abu Dabra, Abdullah Al Desouki, Faisal Al Mani, Ahmed Khader, Aoun Al Nasser, and Hamza Al Fayez.

Master’s Cup: Alaa Habash.


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