Al-Anoud Al-Youssef distorts the image of Saudi women and supports beating them!


The Saudi social media star was shocked, ​Alanoud YusufFollowers of her opinion on the issue of violence against women and beating them.
In a new video clip she published, she appeared with her husband, and she responded to him, as he asked her a question from a follower, and he said to her: “Someone asks what disciplines women,” to be surprised by Al-Anoud by replying: “What disciplines women is only beating.”
Is it conceivable that we have reached the year 2021 and there are still women who support violence against women in order to discipline them? Is it reasonable that women, after all the development that we have witnessed, still support their subordination to men and their control over them? Where are your rights in all of this?
Countless questions revolve in our head, after Al-Anoud’s answer, and her theory does not represent the women who are still subjected, in this era, to violence from their husbands, which in many cases results in their death.


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