Ahmed Schubert: I refused my daughter to enter the Al-Ahly elections for this reason


The journalist Ahmed Schubert confirmed that he refused his daughter Salma to enter the upcoming Al-Ahly club elections, which will be held next November.

Al-Ahly closed the door for candidacy for its upcoming elections, for which Mahmoud Al-Khatib was nominated for the presidential seat for the second consecutive term.

Schubert said in televised statements yesterday, “I did not welcome nor was I enthusiastic about my daughter’s intervention in the upcoming Al-Ahly elections.”

And he continued, “I love Al-Ahly Club for Al-Ahly Club, I always believe that by the grace of God, the success, grace and grace that I am in is caused by our Lord Almighty, and after him Al-Ahly.”

He added, “I very much love that my daughter is a member of the board of directors in Al-Ahly, but he does not like that he loves Al-Ahly because his daughter remains a member of the board of directors.”

Schubert continued, “When I was exposed to the matter, I was not excited. She was upset with me because I refused to speak to the Committee of the Wise or to Captain Al-Khatib, and this was easy to do.”


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