After the Caesar.. Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama in the immortal “Expo” evenings


Dubai: «The Gulf»
In the wake of the show that will be presented by the Caesar of Arab singing, Kazem El Saher, at the opening of the series “Eternal Nights”, on Friday, Arab pop star Nancy Ajram and superstar Ragheb Alama will meet their fans from all over the Arab world, when they participate in the revival of the second concert in this Series on November 12.
Ragheb Alama will revive the famous songs of his 30-year career, but with a new and innovative performance that will highlight how music connects people from all over the world, encouraging people around the globe to connect and participate in collaborative experiences in line with the theme Expo 2020 sub-“Mobility”.
merging cultures
Artist Ragheb Alama says: “I want to integrate different cultures together, as I want the fans of other singers to hear me and at the same time I want my fans to listen to the favorite singers of other peoples. to achieve that”.
Singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nancy Ajram will perform her most famous song, in an unprecedented performance under the enchanting dome of Al Wasl Square. Embodying one of Expo 2020’s sub-themes, “Sustainability”, its presentation will convey a message about how human values ​​and attitudes must change in order to shape a more resilient and resilient future.
Building a better society
Artist Nancy Ajram says: “When we all work together and collaborate, we can build a better society, and I can’t wait to be part of the incredible journey of Expo 2020. I hope that my presentation will be inspiring to spread positivity among young people everywhere, and motivate them to build bridges of communication with each other regardless of cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.”
A distinguished group of local and international artists will lead the series “Eternal Nights” for the six months during the international event, which will start from October 15 with the Kazem El-Saher concert. Directly across from the stunning Al Wasl screen, the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai and home to the world’s largest 360-degree viewing deck.
broadcast live
In line with capacity limits and social distancing measures, entry to Al Wasl Plaza is by invitation only, but Expo visitors who hold tickets can watch the show on huge outdoor screens at the Dubai Millennium Theater and Jubilee Park at Expo 2020. The ceremony will also be broadcast on the website., and through several channels, in addition to Expo TV on YouTube.


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