After I gave birth at the age of seventy… How does medicine look at this case?


After I gave birth at the age of seventy… How does medicine look at this case?

After I gave birth at the age of seventy... How does medicine look at this case?

The story of the Indian woman, Giovannipin Rabari, who gave birth to her first child at the age of 70 has caused a stir across social media and the media and is considered the oldest woman to become a first-time mother. This rare incident seemed out of the ordinary and sparked wide reactions after the mother and her 75-year-old husband appeared carrying their child, who had been waiting for 45 years of marriage until she was able to give birth to him at this age thanks to the fertilization technique. If this incident shocked people, how does medicine view it today?According to what Dr. Pierre Nakhl, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, confirms, people were surprised by this rare incident. From a medical point of view, it is completely acceptable and not surprising. This pregnancy is not natural, but was achieved through fertilization with assisted reproductive technologies. Also, the egg is from a donor at a relatively young age, and therefore there is no medical problem, and pregnancy can occur. He explained: “For pregnancy to occur, the house of the womb on one side and the ovary on the other are taken into consideration. The ovary is definitively disrupted after menopause and ovulation stops. As for the house of the womb, it remains healthy and continues to function normally, and this allows pregnancy to occur through assistive technologies.”

Hormones to activate the uterus
The presence of hormones and resorting to them is essential to activate the home of the womb in the first place. Even if the woman is at the age of 70 years, the hormones can allow the activation of the womb, and then an egg from another young woman is resorted to in order to get pregnant, regardless of the woman’s age. Nakhl explains that hormones here do not pose any danger to women, and they can be used without concern.

But despite the fact that medicine considers this condition natural and it can be done and there is no objection to that, Nakhal never recommends getting pregnant at this advanced age. If the pregnancy has occurred, it is necessary not to generalize such cases. Pregnancy at this age is associated with many serious complications, far from the health between the uterus and the possibility of childbearing. A woman can then be exposed to many complications, most notably diabetes, high blood pressure and clots, especially since her arteries are no longer healthy as at a young age. In the medical dictionary, these complications do not prevent pregnancy and childbearing and can be controlled. It is natural for a woman to be subject to strict medical supervision in such cases, and to be aware of the danger this pregnancy carries to her health and life, and medicine can deal with and overcome these complications.

…pregnancy is possible but
As for the possibility of miscarriage, which is considered high with age, Nakhal explains that this does not apply to such cases, given that the egg is from a young donor and therefore the fetus is healthy and there is no additional reason for abortion at rates much higher than what can happen with a young pregnant woman. When the seed and the egg are healthy, the risk of miscarriage does not rise at high rates, even in the event of old age, given that the issue of abortion is related to them and not to the age of the pregnant woman per se.

In all cases, despite this fact, it remains necessary not to generalize such cases, which are considered to be out of nature, not because of the complications associated with pregnancy, which is considered here with risks, but also because of the many psychological and social repercussions that result from childbearing at this age. Here, the question mark is raised about whether it makes sense to have children at this age? Although this is acceptable and possible from a medical point of view, and there are no obstacles preventing it from happening.

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