Abbas Al-Nouri: Syrian drama needs a market, and unfortunately I am closer to my portrayal of the character “Abu Essam”


Abbas Al-Nouri: Syrian drama needs a market, and unfortunately I am closer to my personal representation


Syrian artist Abbas Al-Nouri was a guest on the Nas Online program, to talk about his artistic career, which is filled with works etched in the minds, and won Arab and international awards.

Al-Nouri began his talk about the character of “Abu Essam” in the series Bab Al-Hara, in which he became famous Arab and international, as he considered that as an artist, despite the great success achieved by this character, he is closer to regret about this case, given the presence of many other works that he relied on. On her success, as the series “The Invasion”, a joint Arab work that won the American Emmy Award in 2008, and at that time Al-Nouri received a mention in appreciation of his role in the series.

Regarding the situation of Syrian drama, Al-Nouri added, during his interview with the presenter of the program, Yara Suleiman, that it cannot be said that there is an industry for drama or series in Syria, because there is no market for that. He continued: “The commodity of culture and art needs to confirm the presence of a market for it, and the market must be effective, which contributes to public opinion-making, and this needs a joint political and economic decision, which means that there should be a free and real economy, and a policy that has a decision to assimilate culture.”

On family life and love, Al-Nouri revealed that he is sometimes not democratic in the family environment, considering that love does not live without respect for feelings before it is for the other party.

Source: RT


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