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If you need a light “sandwich”… and if you want something that will fill you with years of hunger and introduce you to the customs of some ancient peoples with easy and light but rich information, and know you a lot, and be a delicious meal, you review the history of food in ancient civilizations, despite its lightness and ease of digestion, despite the fact that It is full of interesting scientific and historical facts, which show the effort the author has made in collecting the scientific material.

The book is the first in Egypt to provide a detailed history of the origin of some Popular food Known to the Egyptians, how it began, and who were the first to invent these foods, the book presents a recipe between pleasure and knowledge suitable for all ages.

The author, Dr. Amr Nagy, a clinical nutritionist, says: Ministry of DefenseThe book “Sandwich History”, published by Dar Al-Saeed, seeks to introduce food habits and cultural heritage related to food, which represents the front and mirror of peoples, as it reflects the development and diversity of cultures for nations.

Nagy added that the book takes a look at the ancient food habits of a group of peoples, explaining that the book tried to be its language in the simplest possible expressions; In order for the information to reach the largest possible number, Nagy chose the Egyptian vernacular, perhaps this is a reason for our youth to learn a very important part of history, the ancient Egyptians did not use food only to satisfy hunger, but they had a very strong knowledge background in the connection of food with treatment and healing This is why we find a very famous papyrus called the Ebers Papyrus, after the doctor who bought it from Luxor and transferred it to a German university, and it is still preserved there today.

He continued: “In this papyrus came an accurate description and diagnosis of a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, asthma and many other diseases, and it was prescribed to treat it through some herbal mixtures, and eating certain types of foods, and as a result of the Romans’ occupation of large areas and the extension of their influence On a large area of ​​land, they carried with them a set of new eating habits on the roman societyBefore the expansion, the Roman cuisine and the view of the Romans as a ruling class or even the general public for the cook was that he had a despicable profession.

He continued: “From here, there was a new theory in Roman society (the more you eat, the more you increase your position in society), the more you do great determination, and be full of food the more you are the undisputed better, so they did not have a culture of healthy eating, on the contrary eating was like a celebration. In life, and they had some strange beliefs, when a piece of meat fell from someone in the ground, they considered this a bad omen for them, believing that what fell moved to the other world, and whoever tries to capture it will come death to take revenge on him, and sprinkle salt on food while eating was Also a bad omen, as their eating tools were in the form of skulls to drive away evil spirits, and from the Romans to the Mauritanians who preserve some of their ancient customs, and they so far appreciate the fat girl, and consider that the more the girl weighs, that is evidence of the strength of her nutrition and authenticity according to And she is from a capable family.”

He explained: “There is a skinny girl who does not marry and bring shame to them, and there are fattening camps for girls called (Tabalah or Lablauh). Drink it hot and then a large amount of couscous or rice mixed with thick fat and mutton, and the ancient Egyptians excelled and the Romans quoted them in diagnosing and treating chronic diseases and mitigating their side effects. (Sorry) He used to diagnose the patient with diabetes, and he advised the patient to eat a lot of leafy vegetables and whole grains, and to reduce sugar and honey, which was used extensively. He also advised the patient to eat raw onions in large quantities because of their role in controlling the level of sugar.

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