A strange museum for leader Adel Imam reveals secrets that no one knows!


In one area of ​​Cairo, the apartment of the Egyptian director Ahmed Gamal is located, who loves comedy leader Adel Imam, and because of his love for him, he turned his apartment into a museum in which he collected everything related to the comedy leader from videos and clippings of old newspapers and magazines, and everything that was written and published about him.

The 30-year-old director tells the story to “Al Arabiya.net” and says that he has loved watching the works of the artist Adel Imam since his childhood, and his family used to take him to the cinema and theater to watch them, and therefore he was attached to him, and from the intensity of his attachment, he began to search for all the news and information related to the leader, and directed He used old newspapers and magazines and searched for them everywhere, and collected what he could collect from them and the pictures, posters and information they contained.

He adds that he turned his apartment into a museum that includes magazines, newspapers and clippings, and he was surprised every time with information and secrets about the leader, perhaps not known to many, including, for example, the first wage he received, and the first time that his name was written in newspapers after his name was announced in the TV theater competition in 1962, including That he spoke to a well-known artist at the time, the artist Madiha Hamdi, and that he was behind the discovery of the two artists, Esaad Younes and Yousra, and the majority of the younger generation, Muhammad Henedy, Alaa Wali Al-Din and others.

Director Ahmed Gamal, owner of the Adel Imam Museum

Director Ahmed Gamal, owner of the Adel Imam Museum

The walls of the Egyptian director’s apartment are filled with posters and rare photographs of the artist Adel Imam, in addition to video tapes of his work, pictures of his work contracts, including the first contract he signed, magazine covers bearing his pictures, and newspaper clippings bearing critics’ opinions about him.

He says that he collected more than 10,000 magazines and newspapers and hundreds of films for him, and he used to go to remote and difficult areas to search for a magazine and newspaper that contained the name of the leader and information about him or a picture of him. the leader.

When asked if the great artist knew what the young director had done and set up a museum for him?

He answers, “Yes, he knows.”


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