A “sex scandal” shakes the artistic community in Egypt… What happened?


A young artist named Nihal Al-Qadi came out, begging for help from the hero of the theatrical show “Afrkoush”, which is shown on the stage of the National Children’s Theater, that he insulted and bullied her using some sexual innuendos.

Director Ismail Mokhtar, head of the theater’s artistic house, replied, “The matter is now under investigation and has been transferred to the Administrative Prosecution to take the necessary legal measures, stressing that the theater is calm and has not witnessed such incidents before, pointing to the insincerity of the story that the young actress came out with.” She announced it on social media.

Mokhtar added that if the actress’s allegations are proven false, there will be strict legal measures against her because of her defamation of the theater and its staff, adding: “Her words are closer to lying, and we are currently trying to verify it before taking any action.”Nihal Al-Qadi stated that she has been a working member of the Syndicate of Acting Professions since 2016, and holds a postgraduate diploma at the Academy of Folk Arts, Art Criticism Division, and confirmed that she was subjected to verbal harassment by the hero of the theatrical show in which she participates.


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