A “serious” vulnerability in the Safari application threatens users’ data


An expert and specialist in cybersecurity has discovered a “serious” vulnerability in the famous “Safari” application, which puts users’ data at stake.

According to Mashable, hackers are able to exploit the vulnerability and target Mac and iOS users’ devices.

He explained that through this vulnerability, the hacker could deceive the application and give it access to the user’s camera and microphone.

After that, the “hacker” is able to record the user’s voice and take pictures from his devices, whether it is “iPad”, “iPhone” or “Mac”.

Security researcher Ryan Beckern, who discovered the vulnerability, said that this flaw may be years old, adding, “But the vulnerability was not as dangerous as it is now.”

Bickern contacted Apple and informed it of the loophole and its risks, in return for a financial reward of $75,000.

It is believed that the American company “Apple” fixed the vulnerability during its latest update, according to “Mashable”.

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