A Saudi university issues a statement on banning “pants”


The University of Jeddah issued a statement on Tuesday evening regarding modest dress and what was reported on social media about banning pants on campus.

The university clarified that the prohibition of wearing violating trousers falls within the relevant lofty and ministerial directives and generous directives directed at wearing modest dress and not infringing on modesty and public taste, which expresses a set of behaviors and morals that express the values, principles and identity of Saudi society according to the foundations and components stipulated in the statute, which showed For a number of regulations and systems for public taste, according to Sabq newspaper.

In the statement, the university indicated that the warning is for wearing tight, short, torn, or exposed trousers, which is not commensurate with the presence of university employees within the educational organization, and an explicit violation of the regulations and systems regulating this.



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