A Sahrawi soldier recounts the details of a “Moroccan raid” that wanted the Polisario gendarmerie commander


Six months after a raid that killed his comrade, the commander of the Polisario gendarmerie, Dah al-Bandir, a member of the front returned to the details of the night he was part of a unit attacking a Moroccan military base before a drone attacked them with a missile, according to his account.

The newspaper “EldiarioThe Spanish, according to Muhammad Faudel, that they were approaching the separation wall with the aim of attacking the base, when a drone dropped a missile at their vehicle, and “when the missile exploded, I was very close and shrapnel hit me,” according to what he tells the newspaper.

The newspaper quotes the websiteLudisk“Moroccan in French, that on that night a drone intervened to determine the target only, while an F-16 fighter carried out the missile launch.

Is that the site Hespress Al-Mughrabi quoted sources describing it as informed that the F-16 was not used, because it is “one of the powerful aircraft whose operations cannot be concealed,” in addition to the fact that its strikes leave a significant impact on the ground, while the operation to kill al-Bandir does not contain any evidence about the weapon used.

In turn, the desert fighter known as “Mundi” in the camps says that the remnants of the missile they found later indicated that it was a missile belonging to a drone and not an F-16 fighter.

The 64-year-old adds that he is sure that the bombing they were subjected to was from a drone, before he showed wounds and shrapnel marks on his body.

He added that on that day last April, drones intervened three times at different times, and it was the third plane that bombed them.

“The shell caused burns to my head, face and arms,” ​​Mundy says. Three pieces of shrapnel also hit his arm and side. His eardrum was damaged by the sound of the missile, and he underwent surgery at a military hospital in Tindouf to remove shrapnel from his stomach.

Morocco denies the existence of any military confrontations near the separation wall, and while the Polisario Front mourned the former gendarmerie commander Dah Al-Bandir, there was no official Moroccan comment on the matter.

And the magazine “John Afrique” published a comment by a high-ranking Moroccan official without naming him, which was reported by the media Moroccan mediaHe said, “We are not at war, but there are red lines that must not be crossed, and this process is a warning for any hostile intervention that will call for an immediate response from us.”

It was a newspaperEspanolIn a previous report, she said that Morocco had acquired Heron drones from Israel in a deal worth about 50 million euros.

A decades-old dispute between Morocco and the Polisario Front has been raging over the former Spanish colony, which the United Nations classifies as a “Non-Self-Governing Territory”.

Rabat, which controls nearly 80% of the territory of the vast desert region, proposes granting it autonomy under its sovereignty.

As for the Polisario Front, it calls for a referendum for self-determination under the supervision of the United Nations, which was approved by the signing of the cease-fire agreement between the belligerents in September 1991.


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