A recent discovery in bats points to the origins of “Covid”


Coronaviruses discovered in Lao bats are adept at infecting human cells, showing that such lethal traits can evolve outside of the laboratory.

  • A bat in a forest in Laos.
    A bat in a forest in Laos.

newspaper said “The New York Times” The newly discovered corona viruses found in Laotian bats give a hint about the origins of “Covid-19”.

And the newspaper’s correspondent Carl Zimmer wrote that in the summer of 2020, scientists collected samples of bat faeces from the forests of northern Laos and found that they contained corona viruses, including three of them with a molecular hook on their surface very similar to those found on the “SARS-Cove” virus. -2, the virus that causes “Covid-19” disease, which allows it to attach to human cells.

These findings have major implications for the fraught debate over the origins of the coronavirus, as some people have speculated that the remarkable ability of the SARS-Cove-2 virus to infect human cells cannot develop normally. But the new findings seem to indicate otherwise.

This puts aside the idea that this virus would have to be made up, or somehow manipulated in the lab, to be good at infecting humans, said Michael Worubie, a virologist at the University of Arizona, who was not involved in the work.

Experts believe that these Covid-like viruses may actually infect people from time to time, causing only mild and limited outbreaks. But under the right conditions, pathogens can trigger a COVID-19-like pandemic.

In addition, the World Health Organization has appointed a new advisory group to study the origins of this epidemic.

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