A new phone from “Xiaomi” with distinctive capabilities!


Xiaomi, the new Chinese phone maker and competitor to Huawei, plans to launch a phone with an absolutely unparalleled processor in the world.

According to the sources, Xiaomi intends to launch a new phone with a unique processor that may offer great capabilities and speeds to its holders, especially for gamers and applications that require a processor with very high capabilities.

The report, published on the Chinese “Mydrivers” website, indicated that the company intends to provide its new phones with a “Snapdragon 898” processor, to be the only one in the world to launch a phone with this unique processor.

The sources indicated that the new phone that may come with this processor is from the “Xiaomi 12” category, which will replace the “Mi 11”.

The new device will be supported by a screen that provides a unique view through the side curves while reducing the edges to the minimum possible at the bottom and top.

The new phone comes with an “AMOLED” matrix supported by “LTPO” technology, which provides capabilities starting from 1 Hz and up to 120 Hz.


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