A major failure with the French cloud service provider “OV Ash”


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Paris: One of the most prominent cloud storage companies in Europe, the French “OVH Cloud”, was out for more than an hour on Wednesday, which reflected on the service of many sites, with preparations for its listing on the stock exchange.

The malfunction was reported around 0900 GMT (07:00 GMT) on Downdetector, which monitors website performance, affecting countless shopping sites, cultural attractions and businesses, which have become unavailable to Internet users.

The company, headquartered in Roubaix (North), with more than 2,400 employees and a turnover of 632 million euros, is one of the giants of French technology.

She first became famous as a web host before she succeeded in building a European cloud market that was largely dominated by American tech giants, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

human error

In his tweet, Octave Klapa, founder and general manager of OVH, attributed the malfunction to “human error” and indicated that it involved the “backbone”, the telecommunications network that connects all of the company’s infrastructure.

The malfunction occurred after a router was set up at 9:12 (French time) in the United States, according to a statement issued later by the company, which apologized to its customers and promised a “transparent explanation of the causes and consequences” of the accident.

The outage comes at a particularly bad time for the company as it seeks to attract investors as part of its initial public offering scheduled for Friday.

The company suffered a fire in March at its data center located in Strasbourg, which also caused massive disruptions to several websites.

Several companies and individuals reported on Downdetector that their websites were unavailable and they were unable to access their emails or even use their phones.

Klapa explained in a tweet that the failure is related to a technical maneuver decided by the service provider “OVH” after an increase in hacking attacks aimed at the denial of service.

He noted that “in recent days, disruption of service attacks have increased in severity. We have decided to increase our capacity to address ‘these attacks’ by adding new infrastructure” in the United States.

“Bad router settings have caused disruption” of the network, he added.

The company is scheduled to go public on Friday and is expected to generate about 350 million euros, while the company is valued between 3.5 and 3.75 billion euros.


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