A Lebanese star surprises the audience with his bold statements.. He hit his sister and an Arab princess who loved him to the point of madness! (Video)


The artist Alaa Zalzali, during his hosting of the “Show the Story” program with the media, Rabaa Al-Zayat, revealed many private matters in his personal life and many difficult situations that he experienced in his life, and his bold statements were the focus of the public’s attention..

Alaa talked about his suffering from a love affair that he experienced years ago with an Arab princess, saying: “I loved her, but she loved me so crazy that she wanted to take me from everything in my life, but I did not accept.”

He continued: “Technically, she tried to buy me, but she was unable to do so because I refused. You fought me artistically with artists and harmed me in a small stage of my art.”“.

During the meeting, Alaa admitted that on one occasion he beat his sister with the fist, after she provoked him, and he was unable to control his anger.

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He recounted the details of this incident with sadness and said: “I did not notice that her son was near me and he watched me beat her with the palm, but my nerves betrayed me, and then I started crying with force because I hit her, and my sister started crying because of my crying and my apology from her.”


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