A goalkeeper reveals the secret of Salah’s “exciting” dialogue with him after a global goal



A goalkeeper reveals the secret of Salah's dialogue



Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster revealed the exciting dialogue that took place between him and the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, after the two teams’ match in the English Premier League.

The match ended with Liverpool winning five goals without a response, and Salah scored one goal against Ben Foster.

Ben Foster said, on his YouTube channel: “Salah came to me after the end of the match and put his hand over his mouth a little, because he didn’t want his words to be picked up by the cameras.”

He added, “Salah said if I had received a penalty, what way would you have faced me?”

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And Bo Foster continued: “Now .. as soon as he said that I thought he was a smart boy, because as goalkeepers we do our research, there are goalkeepers trying to find out where the attackers took the last four, five or ten penalties, and I know that the last five penalties of Salah came to the right of Watchman”.

And he continued: “So I looked at Salah and said to him: Well, I would have gone to the right, because you put the last five kicks to the right.”

And he continued: “A big smile appeared on Salah’s face, and he said: Yes.. Thank you, I wanted to know that.”

He concluded: “He is not satisfied with winning (5-0) and scoring a great goal and being the man of the match, he must know the small details and if he gets the penalty in the next match, in what way he will pay it, that’s why Salah is at the top, friends.”

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