A famous application behind the “iPhone” battery drain?


If your iPhone runs out of power much faster than usual, it could be because of a popular music app used by millions.

Apple rolled out a major iOS 15 update last month, which brings with it a host of improvements to notifications, FaceTime, Maps, and more.

But, as is often the case with iOS updates, in the wake of the release of iOS 15, iPhone users have reported a very frustrating battery drain issue. According to Tom’s Guide, the popular music app Spotify may be to blame. According to RT

When running on iOS 15, Spotify is said to consume roughly 30% of an iPhone’s battery per hour. This means that after three hours of use, your iPhone may run out completely.

In an online thread, a Spotify user wrote: “I have to delete Spotify because my iPhone 11 is dangerously hot and I feel it might melt or explode.”

One added, “Spotify keeps using more than 50% battery in the background, and when I stream podcasts or music, the battery gets very hot and the battery drops alarmingly. So I had to uninstall the app until that was fixed.”

The problems encountered by Spotify users are explained in an online community thread.

In the wake of these emerging reports, Spotify said engineers are looking into the problems. In a statement, Spotify said, “Once again, thank you for your reports about battery drain in the latest iOS versions. We can confirm that all new information and feedback you’ve shared has been passed on to relevant teams and we’re actively working on the matter. While this continues, we recommend keeping Spotify updated to receive all repairs as soon as possible.

In an earlier statement, Spotify also provided some tips that may alleviate the problem. “Apart from trying to restart or reinstall the app, it would be nice to disable background app refresh: this can be found under Settings – General – Background app refresh,” he said.


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