A distinctive view of Al Salam Stadium after its development (photos)


The National Stadiums Company for Sports Investment and Sports Facilities Management has succeeded in developing Al Salam Stadium with all its facilities and accessories in a short period of time, turning it into a sports city comparable to the major stadiums in the Middle East.

Al-Salam Stadium appeared in a very distinctive way in the Al-Ahly and National Guard matches in the African Champions League, as well as the match between Future and Farco yesterday in the first week of the Premier League, after changing the pitch and the entire track.

The development process of Al-Salam Stadium included providing it with two electronic screens, providing the stadium with 38 electronic gates to enter the fans, in addition to placing 101 cameras to secure the stadium in all its aspects, and the number of security and surveillance cameras reached 159, and it was previously only 58 cameras.

Al-Salam Stadium also witnessed the change of the pitch and the entire track, in addition to the increase of electricity towers, in addition to placing 32 scouts in the main cabin, in addition to raising the efficiency of the dressing rooms, the doctor’s clinic, the lobby, and the entrances and exits of the stadium.


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