A collaboration between “Dubai Culture” and “Let’s Work” to provide creative spaces


  • Hala Badri: We aim to make the emirate the ideal destination for the creative community

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” and “Let’s Work” provide a set of flexible work spaces to be available to them within a network of distinct and different destinations within the city at reasonable prices and exclusive privileges, to be the first partnership of its kind between the public and private sectors in the region; This is within the framework of the Authority’s continuous endeavor to provide various forms of support to innovators in terms of privileges and facilities, and to enhance the contribution of the creative economy in the emirate, and to consolidate its position as an attractive business destination.

Dubai Culture and LetsWork, the innovative platform for providing practical solutions to co-working spaces in the country, reached a cooperation and partnership agreement, through which it aims to provide the creative community in Dubai with creative work spaces that suit their needs in optimal alternative work environments outside traditional work environments. This type of initiative has a positive impact on the creative sector and society as a whole, and encourages entrepreneurs to live and work in the emirate. This step is in line with the vision of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), to promote Dubai’s position as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity, a forum for talent, and a global capital of the creative economy.

This joint cooperation between the public and private sectors also falls within the framework of the Al Quoz Creative District development plan, which is proceeding in accordance with the goals set for it to establish it as a comprehensive and integrated center for the prosperity of creative businesses in Dubai. The two parties seek, through it, to make the process of searching for and booking places to work easier and more convenient for the creative sector in the emirate; Where creators can get additional discounts on the “Let’s Work” membership and other benefits within the creative spaces available on the platform’s network.

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture, said: This partnership stems from our focus in the authority on supporting national strategies aimed at making Dubai the ideal destination for all segments of the creative community that would like to make it the first choice to live and work, especially those looking to launch their creative projects. We are pleased to be the first government agency in the region to conclude a cooperation and partnership agreement with the private sector to provide flexible work spaces for creatives. This is based on our awareness of the various details of establishing a creative business, and the importance of securing flexible and diverse work spaces at reasonable prices. In this regard, we are working in cooperation with LetsWork to provide an integrated system that helps the creator in the stage of establishing his creative work, in addition to providing him with the best opportunities to benefit from a comprehensive set of services, ensuring a smooth and innovative journey.

She added, “We keep in mind to take the hands of the creators and provide them with everything necessary to be successful entrepreneurs, and these privileges that we will provide to them through our cooperation with Let’s Work are part of a package of offers that we are working to provide to every creator in the emirate through partnerships with private parties in the fields of several. Our goal is to make Dubai a home that every creator around the world seeks to be a part of in order to achieve his dreams.

Let’s Work provides practical and affordable solutions for workplaces within the emirate; Membership of the platform gives access to the best cafes, hotels and co-working spaces available in the city as well as unlimited other benefits and privileges. Creators can also find and rent on-demand spaces such as podcast rooms, photo studios, recording studios, temporary workspaces, event spaces, and more to suit their creative needs.

Omar Al Muhairi, co-founder of LetsWork said: “The concept of business has changed in the past decade, not to mention the past two years. Hence, Let’s Work aims to be at the forefront of finding the right spaces for entrepreneurs, each according to his own needs. Dubai is rich in spaces that enable and promote creativity, and our partnership with Dubai Culture will help the creative community explore these spaces.

He added: Our goal is to enable creators to find spaces that suit their different needs, whether it is spaces for events, advertisements, art galleries, studio spaces, as well as museums, libraries and much more. Now creatives can be part of a larger community of professionals working remotely in Dubai, and get support through exclusive events, workshops and benefits that can help them grow and showcase their talents.


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