A call to accuse the Brazilian president of murder due to mistakes in dealing with Corona


A call to accuse the Brazilian president of murder due to mistakes in dealing with Corona

A senator in Brazil leading a congressional investigation into the country’s handling of the Corona pandemic recommended that President Jair Bolsonaro be charged with murder because of what he described as his government’s mistakes that led to the deaths of thousands.

Bolsonaro refused to accept the results of the investigation, saying it was politically motivated. It is highly unlikely that the president will face a trial on any of those charges, a move that would have to come from the attorney general appointed by Bolsonaro.

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A nearly 1,200-page document prepared by opposition Senator Renan Caleros for a Brazilian congressional committee that conducted the investigation said Bolsonaro missed early government access to vaccines, delaying the vaccination campaign and causing an estimated 95,000 deaths.

The report stated that Bolsonaro was motivated by an “unfounded belief in the theory of herd immunity, which is the transmission of infection naturally, and the existence of a cure.”

And with the absence of a vaccine, the death toll is high, which has already happened.

The report also said that charges should also be brought against three of Bolsonaro’s children, Senator Flavio, Federal Representative Eduardo and City Councilor Carlos, accusing them of spreading false information that prompted “a failure to adhere to health measures to contain the epidemic.”

The draft report has yet to be voted on by the Senate committee, which may be contested or changed. A vote is scheduled for next week.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bolsonaro told his supporters that the investigation was a “joke” and that he was not concerned about it.

The number of deaths as a result of Corona in Brazil exceeded 600,000, which is the second highest number in the world after the United States.

Source: Reuters


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