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CEO of the Future Investment Initiative Richard Attias revealed that the fifth edition of the initiative, which will be held in Riyadh from October 26 to 28, 2021, under the slogan “Investing in Humanity” will bring together more than 2,000 missions and 5,000 participants.

Atias stressed that the fifth edition will discuss how to invest in clean water, education, public health, gender equality and fighting poverty, especially for countries that have not been able to access the vaccine.

“The percentage of people who get vaccinated in Africa is 1%, and that brings a sense of regret, and we must be generous, participatory and inclusive, and these are the guidance we got from the leadership when we set up the foundation,” he said.

Richard explained that sectors of all kinds began to function normally after the Corona pandemic, and all sectors need sustainability as one of the most important factors, by investing in humanity, stressing that the Foundation’s program encourages this.

The fifth edition of the conference will discuss how to invest in clean water, education, public health, gender equality and fighting poverty.

“To build trust, you need to have partners who work with you, and it is not easy to convince international companies to join the Future Investment Initiative as strategic partners,” Atias said.

He added that the initiative will launch many initiatives in health care, artificial intelligence, social governance, environment and education, indicating that the work began locally and globally, and the idea was born in Saudi Arabia and was registered in the United States of America, and an office will be opened in Asia.

For his part, Chief Operating Officer of the Future Investment Initiative Rakan Trabzoni explained that the Foundation looks at the main trends in investment that help create a better future for all, in addition to the investment arm, indicating that the Foundation has its own platform that presents all its products, and organizes many events. annual worldwide, and works on tangible and tangible matters on the ground.

For his part, Director General of the Investment Department at the Foundation, Anthony Barclay, stated that the Foundation focuses on investing in the human side, and works on positive investment opportunities for peoples and the planet, highlighting the importance of using technology in sustainability, health care and education.

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