Zarqa’s Summer 19 brings together music and theater


Amman: «The Gulf»
On Sunday evening, the 19th Arab Summer Festival of Zarqa was launched in the presence of Ali Al-Ayed, the Jordanian Minister of Culture, a number of artists, and an audience of no more than 50% at the King Abdullah II Cultural Center, in compliance with health conditions.
Artists Ramy Shafiq and Ghassan Abu Safiya took turns to present patriotic and emotional songs, and the radio and television band performed a musical link, while performers performed a welcome panel. Actress Juliette Awad received an honorary shield as the character of the current session in appreciation of her long career in various genres of drama.
A short film reviewed the plays competing for the prizes, which are “Hymns of the Women’s Revolution” from Jordan, “In the Name of God” from Iraq, “Six by Six” from Morocco, “Negative One” from Egypt, “A Hot Summer Night in a Forgotten City” from Syria and “Sharchouh” is from Palestine and “Kulthum” and “Lone Wolves” are from Tunisia.
The festival, whose supreme committee is headed by the artist Abeer Issa, and whose activities conclude on Saturday, include critical seminars and representative workshops.


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