Zahrat Al Khaleej – Watch how Jessica Azar celebrated her birthday


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The Lebanese media, Jessica Azar, wrote a message of love to everyone, through a post on her account on “Instagram”, in which she shared pictures of her from her birthday celebration, which approved yesterday, Monday, September 20.
Jessica appeared in the photos, in front of her a distinctive candy bar from Doreen, and above it a candle that she was keen to extinguish, completing her thirty-fifth year, while she appeared in the middle of a distinctive decor, suitable with the atmosphere of her birthday celebration.

The ceremony was distinguished by the fact that it came in a special Christmas atmosphere, as roses surrounded Jessica Azar from every direction, which caused a great interaction among followers on social media, who made distinguished comments, congratulating her on her birthday.
Jessica Azar left a comment, saying: “Thank you all for your beautiful birthday wishes.. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and wonderful fans.. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.”

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Some celebrities, especially art stars, were keen to congratulate Jessica Azar on her birthday, including: Kinda Alloush, Nadine Al-Rassi, Ward Al-Khal, Nahed Arksousi, Mahmoud Ramadan, and Laila Fathallah.
Jessica Azar celebrated her marriage to her compatriot, businessman Mohamed Soufan, last June, and published pictures of her, on her Instagram page, in a luxurious wedding dress, signed by the international Lebanese designer Elie Saab.
And the Lebanese media starred in the makeup of the beautician Bassam Fattouh, and George Mandelek’s hair, and commented on her photos, saying: “A new beginning.”


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