Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Sarah Al-Kandari’s ex-wife publishes the document of her “mutilation”… and attacks her


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The famous social networking sites and Saudi activist Ahmed Al-Enezi, the divorced Kuwaiti fascist, Sarah Al-Kandari, published the document of her “divorce”, through his account on “Snapchat”, days after he announced the separation between them, and the relationship ended with the decision to divorce.

This divorce document revealed that the two parties resorted to divorce, through the request of the wife “Sarah Al-Kandari” from her husband, “Ahmed Al-Enezi” to divorce her, saying: “Expel me, Ahmed Nazeer, to give up the maintenance, pleasure and marital alimony.”

This certificate was issued on 15 September from the legal documentation of the Ministry of Justice in the State of Kuwait. Her husband replied to her by saying: “My wife Sarah has divorced you for that.” The document added that this divorce is the second between them, and that according to what was mentioned, the wife is considered a second divorce from her husband, a dowry divorce, and it is not permissible for him except with a new contract and dowry with her permission and consent.

In this context, Ahmed Al-Enezi attacked his wife through a video clip that he documented through his account on “Snapchat”, in which he asked her not to mediate between anyone; In order to cause a quarrel or a problem and the like, or when she asks for something, she is mediated by someone, indicating that he ended her exit from his life completely with the block.

Al-Enezi indicated that he does not want to have any dealings between him and his daughter’s mother, asking her to resort to the law if she wants something from him, stressing that he will not succumb to any demands or be influenced by anyone’s mediation or force anyone against him.

Ahmed Al-Enezi commented that what he did this was because he did not find a person with a mind who could understand with her about the details of the relationship and how to deal with them later, as the public asked about his daughter in terms of her appearance on the social media, adding that as a father he does not want her daughter to appear on social networking sites, asking the audience Is it my right as a father to demand that my daughter not appear on social media, or is this position not within my right?

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The famous social networking site in Kuwait, Ahmed Al-Enezi, who is separated from Sarah Al-Kandari, had announced a few days ago in a post on his account on “Snapchat”, that a separation occurred between him and his wife after 12 years of marriage, amid a state of astonishment among the public; The two of them get along very well.

While Al-Kandari appeared in a video clip on her “Snapchat” account, it was widely circulated on social media to comment on the news of her separation, saying: “Ahmed Al-Enezi is still her husband, and that he hastened to announce the matter of their separation, because they have not officially separated yet.” And she confirmed that she herself would announce the issue of divorce at the appropriate time, due to her keenness on credibility between her and her audience.


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