“Your health is your wealth” .. Egypt launches the largest medical campaign for “Men’s Health”


The campaign begins in Luxor Governorate, southern Egypt, on September 19, for a period of 5 days, to detect, through a blood test, prostate diseases, especially prostate cancer, By the latest global technology.

Ahmed Omran, professor and head of the Department of Urology at the Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, describes the campaign as “the most important for men in Egypt, and we demanded it a lot after the spread of prostate cancer during the recent period, and the lack of sufficient awareness of this deadly monster that ends the lives of many people annually.”

And Omran continued, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Some men do not have the culture of detection and attention to this monster that eats its body, so today we stand happy with this campaign that will save thousands of lives, especially since the detection takes only one minute.”

faster response

The head of the Urology Department at the Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, confirmed that: “The campaign will seek to discover this cancer at an early stage, as it is still confined to the limits of the prostate gland, and at that stage the patient’s response to treatment is great, and he can overcome and eliminate it permanently.”

Regarding the characteristics through which precautionary measures are taken for prevention, Omran called for attention to “therapeutic nutrition, staying away from eating food rich in fat, and practicing regular physical activity, to reduce the risk of infection or limit its development if it is already present.”

Internationally certified fast reagents

And the General Authority for Health Care announced in its statement that “during the campaign, men are tested for infection, whether from the comprehensive health insurance system or not from the new system in the governorate, through rapid reagents to analyze the PSA protein in the blood, which are internationally approved by the FDA. An increase in the level of PSA protein in the blood may indicate an infection.

international standards

Ahmed Al-Sobki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Health Care, Assistant Minister of Health and Population and General Supervisor of the comprehensive health insurance project in the governorates, stressed in his statements that caring for men’s health is no less important than caring for women’s health, pointing to the authority’s continuous keenness to find innovative solutions and medical examinations from Through the latest modern and high-precision technologies, to reach the highest levels of international medical quality.

El-Sobky added that the Egyptian state has been constantly improving the health system and improving the level of all services provided to citizens in this regard, based on the highest international standards, with the aim of building a healthy society that provides all the elements of health care.

A thousand injuries annually

At the same time, Souad El-Sayed, Professor of Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr El-Aini, says: “Men over the age of 50 should go to the campaign headquarters that was announced and detected because they are the most vulnerable to disease, along with those who are obese, and people who take treatment that contains hormones. Testosterone.

In her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Sayed indicated: “The cure rates for the disease reach 100% when early detection and confirmation of the patient’s suffering from this disease, through a simple blood analysis of the patient, it is detected, and in the event of uncertainty and any doubt about Analysis A number of higher and more focused tests are used, including magnetic resonance, obtaining a sample of the prostate and analyzing it.”

Regarding awareness of the disease, the Professor of Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini, confirmed that it is very important, as a large number of patients discover their infection after a late stage, as there are approximately 1,000 cases annually that die as a result of prostate cancer, and nearly three thousand cases are infected. disease are discovered annually.


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