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Yasmine Abdel Aziz returns to Egypt after a treatment trip


Yasmin Abdel Aziz
Yasmin Abdel Aziz

Abdullah Abu Deif (Cairo)
Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz returned to Cairo after a 4-month treatment trip, during which she underwent several surgeries in Switzerland.
Yasmine also returned to speaking to her fans through her own account on the “Facebook” website, where she wrote a post for the first 4 months ago, in which she reassured her fans who interacted with her about her health condition.
And the artist wrote, “Praise be to God, I recovered from the last crisis, and I overcame all difficulties thanks to your prayers for me, and although I faced death more than once, your beautiful prayers were an intercessor for me to come back again, and I hope that I can return this love that my audience in Egypt and the Arab world overwhelmed me with.” “.
She added, “I am unable to thank, and I will not find the appropriate words to express to you my love and gratitude for the love, prayers and noble feelings that my fans have showered me with everywhere.”
Her husband, the Egyptian artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, also contributed to reassuring the audience about his wife when he published a video clip showing him listening to one of the musicians and enjoying him playing in a Geneva street, which made the audience optimistic that Yasmine is recovering and on her way to full recovery.
The artist, Wael Abdel Aziz, brother of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, sent a message to her after her return, through his personal account on “Instagram”.
And he wrote: “Praise be to God for your safety, my soul. You light Egypt and the whole world. May God protect you, preserve you, and make you happy, O Lord.”
It is worth noting that a medical error in a Cairo hospital caused the deterioration of the Egyptian artist’s condition after she underwent traditional surgery, and the matter developed until she required her to travel abroad for more than one surgery.


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