Yasmine Abdel Aziz documents clips of her suffering with the disease: “I saw death and it was very close” (video)


Yasmine Abdel Aziz documents clips of her suffering with the disease:


Actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz

The Egyptian artist, Yasmine Abdelaziz, posted on “Instagram” a video clip documenting her suffering with the disease, during her treatment journey in Switzerland, to the tune of the song “Hengni Violin and Violin”.

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Yasmine Abdel Aziz commented on this clip, saying: “My dear republic in Egypt and the Arab world, I miss you very much.”

And she added, “Thank God, I stayed well and recovered. Thank God, I want you to be reassured.
Despite all the hardships that I went through in my last crisis, your question and support was the one that made it easy for me all the moments when I came back to me.. It is enough for me to tell you that I really saw death and it was very close.. but thanks to God and thanks to your beautiful and pure prayers and thanks to your standing beside me with your heart and your love And your good intentions, our Lord answered your prayers, and our Lord honored me, and I passed the ordeal well, thank God.”
She addressed her followers, saying: “A little word of thanks to you and to your love. I love you very much and it is true that I am unable to return you all the love and all the support I have received from you … Thanks to our Lord and thanks to my dear audience in Egypt and the Arab world.”

Source: RT


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