Women take home awards at San Sebastian Festival


The San Sebastian Film Festival followed in the footsteps of its counterparts in Cannes and Venice, by awarding its grand prize the day before yesterday to a film directed by a woman, Romanian Alina Gregory, for her first feature film “Blue Moon”, at the conclusion of its 69th session, which won all the prizes for women. “I didn’t expect that at all,” said the 36-year-old Romanian actress and director, moved by the golden coincidence. She thanked “all the women and men who made it possible to get our message across.”

Her film, which deals with the story of a young woman trying to escape the violence of her family, was one of the seventeen competing films this year, most notably “Maysabel” by director Ethiare Pouillin, which was inspired by a true story about the widow of a politician assassinated by the Basque separatist organization ETA and two of his killers, and “Arthur Rimbaud.” Directed by French director Laurent Cante and Benedict by British Terence Davies.

Best Direction

As for the Best Director Award (Silver Coincidence), the jury chaired this year by Georgian director Dia Kolombigashvili awarded the Danish Tia Lindbergh for her film “As in Heaven,” which deals with life in Denmark during the nineteenth century from the perspective of three women, 14-year-old Liz, her aunt and grandmother. . The award for best acting performance was given to the lead role in this film, the Danish Flora Ophelia Hoffmann Lindahl, along with the American Jessica Chastain.



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