Witness: Sarah Al-Kandari raises controversy and attacks her ex-wife, “You used to bring your quarter and fry their captains.”


Kuwaiti fashionista Sarah Al-Kandari caused controversy after what she did with her blogger husband, Ahmed Al-Enezi, who she recently separated from, saying: “I mean, then, if I am in my soul and divorced from you, what will be the best thing?”And he added in a video clip: “But when I was at your disposal, you used to bring your quarter and your friends and fry their captains and see what they need, is this the man?”, according to (her).

Al-Kandari accused her ex-husband of hypocrisy, saying: “The thing in which I most hated hypocrisy is that I pass from the direction of a mosque and photograph from the outside of the mosque.

As for Al-Enezi, for his part, he announced that he had discovered by chance the interference of a third person, one of the advertisers, with whom he had dealt earlier in the matter of divorce, stressing that he confronted him with this matter and confessed, while trying to defend himself.

He emphasized that this person openly told him that he gave his daughter’s mother money to go to court, and helped her appoint a lawyer to start legal proceedings against him without revealing her details.


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