Witness: Menna Arafa’s husband makes a fuss with his picture with his second wife


The Egyptian artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, who is the husband of the young Egyptian artist Menna Arafa, broke his silence, to respond to those who attacked him that he was secretly married to his second wife, who preceded Menna Arafa.

Al-Mahdi published a photo on his personal account on the social networking site (Facebook) with his second wife to confirm that the marriage was public and not secret, according to (her).Al-Mahdi commented on the photo in which he appeared with his bride wearing a white wedding dress, saying: “This is the second wife.. The people who sat attacking that I was married 3 times, multiple times and a lot of words.. You do not know my life, and I have no right to judge me, and no one told you to enter and I do not want your opinion.” Of course”.

And he continued: “And the girls who impose their words on health, as if they knew their interests, you were benefiting yourself as long as I am not angry with our Lord. This is what matters to me, of course… and the Prophet added the blackness that remained in your heart.”Sarah Ayyad, the first wife of Mahmoud al-Mahdi, had revealed that the reason for her separation from him was that she discovered his marriage to her last year without her knowledge of a girl from outside the artistic community.

She accused him of refraining from paying alimony to his daughters or asking about them, despite the existence of a set of rulings against him regarding spousal alimony and child support.

Menna Arafa celebrated her marriage to the artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, in a ceremony that was limited to the two families only, and they are currently attending a huge wedding.


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